Lingam Massage

Come for an Erotic Massage and We’ll Cross That Bridge When We Get to It

The election is over. If you feel bright and breezy with the dawn of a new era, an optimistic afterglow grips you, I can help you relax after all the excitement. And I may have a bridge to sell you. ... Read on...

Sex Workers are Getting Banned from WhatsApp

I'm just going to say: don't rely on WhatsApp. 

I have found it to be hit-and-miss. Sometimes, I get calls, and it all works great; other times, it is a problem. 

It works... Read on...

Sexy, sensual, tantric lingam massage Near Me.

Done that? Been there and got the T-shirt?

Now, have you tried an incredible yum yum lom nom nu wo massage with chipped china mugs and broken bricks? It's amazing!

You might even... Read on...

Erections After Prostate Surgery - What you Should Know

What I wish people would know:

I'm a hands-on expert on the subject!I have seen many, many, many men after they've had prostate surgery.But your medical team is the first place to direct your questions.Your... Read on...

Sunday, Monday, Anyday, sensual massage in Staffordshire, Cheshire, that sort of area

I can see you on Sunday, so it is worth enquiring. And 7 or 8 am can work for me at the weekends, booked in advance, of course.

I'm not quite in Staffordshire in the West Midlands, I'm just... Read on...

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