Lingam Massage

What clients do you see?
Any gender, men, women, trans, etc. You must be a mature person. Men will usually be over 40 years of age. Younger? Email to discuss your age.
Do you see people with disabilities?
The service is not fully accessible so please email me with specific questions. You must be able to walk from the car park and climb the stairs to the first floor. Visually impaired and deaf people are welcome.
How do I make an appointment?
The online booking system is easy to use. You will receive a confirmation by text and email and a reminder before the appointment. You will receive my address when you are in Alsager and telephone me on the morning of the appointment. I will only contact you if I have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Alternatively, you can email me to make an appointment specifying the day, time and your phone number (I am not going to call you).
Can I have your telephone number?
You will only receive my number when you have confirmed your booking. I do not make bookings or discuss the service over the phone. Send your questions via email.
Who is Deb?
A well-educated, friendly English lady from the Midlands. She is in her early fifties. She first trained in Swedish massage at the age of 18 and has been offering this sort of massage for more than a decade.
Can I touch you/ Can I have sex with you?
No. The massage is one way for the client to enjoy the experience of being pampered without having to think or do anything.
What do you wear. Can I ask you to wear something special?
I wear a massage uniform for every session. I do not undress or change my clothes.
What oil will you use? Does it smell?
The oil is grapeseed oil. It has no scent and will soak into your skin without leaving any residue.
Do you smoke?
Where are you located?
Alsager, East Cheshire, less than 10 minutes from J16 of M6.
What time can I see you?
Appointment must start in the morning, usually 9 or 10 am. I can make it a little earlier or later. I have a few weekend sessions available, but usually they will be Monday to Friday. Please check my online booking calendar, where you can make an appointment up to 60 days in advance.
What is your fee?
£160. Cash payment. There are cashpoint machines a short distance from my location.
Do you offer any discounts on your fees?
No, I do not.
How long should I allow for a session?
The massage will be 90 minutes. Allow 2 hours so that you have extra time for conversation and getting dressed.